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Author Planning Sessions


For unpublished/prospective authors who want to write a book. You have the concept of the book but don't know how to quite get started. We will help with how to outline your book and  the next steps to get started in the writing process after the outline is complete.

Author Polishing Session


  You may not be new to writing but need some basic help. The book may be written or near the end of the process but you need help making sure you are on the right track. We go over the concept of the book  and discuss pointers on how to polish the book and make it printer/publisher ready. 

Editing/ Proofreading Services



  •  PROOFREADING SERVICE editorial service




Lord, Help Me to Stay Saved is a practical guide to walking out this Christian life in a victorious manner. Geared more towards the newly saved in Christ, this book promises to encourage, edify and exhort to holiness. Humor, honesty and transparency is used to deal with the matters we face as Christians in everyday life while providing a biblical solution to the very issues Christians feel too embarrassed to talk about or just flat out refuse to confront. If you feel like no one understands what you are going through, then this book is for you. Walk with the author as she tackles the day to day struggles of Christendom.

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       Dressed Up Dysfunction deals with the unchecked hurts that are found in the church today and how its failure to find healing affects the growth process thus leaving a trail of broken people. The author points out the importance of facing one’s inner hurts before attempting to help the lost and hurting acquire their healing and what happens when we are not healed but functioning from a place of influence. Currently, the church has lost its credibility because the people standing as representatives for Christ are trying to represent Him without first ascertaining the healing power He has made available by His Holy Spirit. The author deals with the issues plaguing the modern-day church that seem to be too taboo to deal with as a church- from family dysfunction to greed and everything in between. The book not only outlines the importance of the church facing its inner hurts and struggles but the necessity of the leaders, first, being whole so they can lead others to wholeness.

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Perfectly Polished!

“Literally Correct/Lori Leshan edited my thesis. I needed last minute help and she sat with me and made sure my paper was ready to go. She did a great job and was patient with me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to make sure their project is perfectly polished!”   

~ Tina J.                                       

Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Literally Correct! I am very pleased with the service I received from Literally Correct Editing/ Lori Leshan was such a pleasant and great person to work with. I am a beginning writer and author. I didn’t quite know the process of getting my first book edited or published. Not only did she edit my book in a timely manner, she also pointed me in the right direction concerning the publishing of my book. I also like the Editor’s Note she sent that outlined specifics concerning my manuscript and tips she felt would help aid me in future writing endeavors and tips to aid me to move forward with my publishing goals. I found her to be very helpful in becoming an even better writer going forward with my next book. I will definitely use her to edit this next book.                                   ~ Valerie G.



Editing Process

Comprehensive Editing


In the comprehensive editing part of the process, the work is examined for troublesome writing habits on a large scale which permit fatal errors in structure. This includes examining the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript relevant to engaging the target audience. 

Line Editing


The line editing part of the process seeks to make your writing consistent, smooth, and compelling so your reader moves effortlessly through your material. 



The copy-editing part of the process is designed to correct the mechanics, grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.


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